Do your duty, go vote


I slowly turned off West Ham Street onto Southwest Railroad Street.

Parked cars lined both sides of the newly-paved road.

I found an empty spot, locked my car and joined a line of voters that stretched almost a city block.

A couple of hawkers asked if anyone needed additional information on the candidates running for office.

No one responded.

Late morning soon turned into early afternoon.

Voters on their lunch hour found parking spaces across the tracks on Southeast Railroad Street. They stepped across and joined the rest of us who headed to the polls on opening day of early voting.

Shade was a premium, although a few voters used umbrellas to shield themselves from the bright sun.

A light breeze kept most of us comfortable.

Conversation was minimal.

A couple of wasps buzzed around us. One landed on the concrete and was soon squished by a sandal-clad voter.

Fire ants worked in a frenzy outside their mounds. We all avoided them.

“Siri, what is an ant’s purpose, other than being annoying?”

Siri responded that ants “bring dirt and seeds up to the surface to aerate the soil, which allows water and oxygen to reach plant roots. Seeds often sprout and grow new plants.”


So, ants do have a purpose.

You learn something new every day.

One of the poll workers informed us that just four booths were in use due to COVID regulations. The site used 20 for the March primary before the virus outbreak.

The line inched forward.

“This marathon is about over,” said a voter in front of me.

We both laughed.

I counted the number of voters in front of me. Six to go.

A few minutes later, I approached the door.

“As soon as these two people come out, you can go in,” a poll worker said as she headed to a driver who parked for curbside voting.

A gentleman walked out.

“Next,” he said.

I walked in, handed over my ID and received my ballot.

Just a couple of minutes later, I fed my completed ballot into the voter machine.

My duty for 2020 had been done.

Make sure you do the same.


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