Debate, I think not


Folks who have known me over a lot of years are well aware of my political views and I stand by them today — and tomorrow.

Admittedly, I am not a party crazy person, but have always attached closer to the conservative views and goals.

The current presidential race has not been an impressive event at any point. It has been a complete disappointment.

The recent debate, if it can be called that, was a joke. It reminded me of the Saturday morning cartoons.

I am a little too old for the cartoons, and the young’uns are not old enough to vote.

I have heard similar exchanges of words at a late Saturday night joint with a bunch of drunks — all talking and no one listening.

If any American in this country watched that “would-be” debate and calls it that — troubled issues are ahead.

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but so do I.

That means I respect your right to be wrong.

A pair of jealous young’uns who have no idea about what a woodshed is used for — that is what that debate reminded me of. It was disrespectful and a far, far cry of a way to get voters.

Listening is a part of learning and both of the candidates apparently missed class on those days.

Americans on both sides are getting turned off by this hype and type of behavior.

Continuous interruptions and even telling the other to “shut up” are actions that fall short of what is expected from top-of-the ladder leadership.

These folks apparently have never heard of or could care less about what others think.

There is a need here for accountability.

We need a president who is firm in his convictions, but not abusive or disrespectful in expressing his opinions of others.

I did not see anything close to that at the first debate — or shout out.

The next debate is most likely to be another episode of “Laugh In.”

Candidates expect that we look at them as rescuers to make things better, but in my many years of reporting politics, I have never seen the results of an election making things better.

Don’t give up.

Some way or another we will make it.

The people of this country are too great to fall victim to the opinions of a few.

We are at the crossroads of the future.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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