Condition of downtown railroad crossings irks motorists, officials, even trackmaster



The condition of railroad crossings at two downtown locations in Mount Olive is irritating town residents and officials, too.

“We have got some very rough crossings here in town, particularly Pollock and James Street crossings on Center,” said Town Manager Charles Brown.

The materials to fix the problems are stacked beside the railroad just several blocks away, and have been there for about three years, he said.

CSX Railroad has been repeatedly contacted about the issue, Brown added.

“We have contacted them, and the trackmaster for this area has contacted them, and our town attorney has contacted them, but we simply cannot get any reaction from them,” he said.

The rough crossings are somewhat of a danger, he said, because “they are really in bad shape.”

With the materials to fix the problem sitting just down the line, Brown said, town officials are clueless as to the reason for the hold-up.

The last time he spoke with railroad officials, he said he was told they, too, had received a lot of complaints.

Rarely does a day go by that his office does not get a complaint from people who travel across those two crossings, Brown said. “The wood at those two crossings has rotted out and there are holes. It is bad for traffic and vehicles.”

Two weeks ago, the CSX trackmaster for the area asked the town to remove some vegetation that was said to be blocking the view at the James and Center crossing.

“That very same day they requested that we remove that vegetation, I asked about the crossing conditions and the response was that he, too, had complained about it several times, but was getting no response,” Brown said.


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