Community involvement admirable


A key to instilling pride and making a community grow is community involvement.

It is something a community can be proud of and, locally, a relatively new group has done just that.

In discussing issues the other day with Town Manager Jammie Royall, he made mention about a local group that has raised $20,000 on its own to have new top-of-the-line basketball goals installed on the courts at Nelson Street Park.

The group is headed by Michael Olliver.

Royall said he was impressed with the group’s plans and the effort they have put behind it.

“These people went out on their own and raised $20,000 for basketball goals and to have them installed and we are more than happy to see this type thing. They have not asked for a single penny of town support,” Royall told me.

It is an admirable project in that it helps young people who use the park and stay off the streets.

It is incumbent on all of us to play a role in helping our young people stay on the right path.

Hats off to Alkebulan Community Reform.

All of us are quick to criticize our young people and sometimes turn our heads the other way.

Such never will solve the problem, but community action groups and individuals who care, do make a difference.

Mount Olive is blessed with a number of such groups and individuals who go out of the way to make a difference.

There are helping, caring hands everywhere in this town, and most of them seek nothing in return.

Local people, churches, civic organizations and even some behind-the-scenes folks are at it day after day.

Even a simple gesture sending out a signal of “I care” can make a tremendous difference in the lives of many.

The town of Mount Olive was fortunate to partner with Michael Olliver’s community enhancement organization.

A dozen youngsters on a basketball court is a dozen not on the streets.

They are learning a game and sportsmanship and interacting with one another.

Being an example to young people is the best thing we can provide for them.

Town sponsored sport activities under the direction of Josh Phillips and the recreation and parks department provides an outstanding service to the community.

Groups that go further and step up to the plate to provide even more is what a community is really all about.

It is healthy for everyone.


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