Change should be progressive, not regressive


Wow! Times are a changin’.

Perhaps it would be a little more accurate if I declaratively stated that times have already changed, and dramatically.

Scares me when I see young ladies running around with what looks like fish hooks in their nose and lips.

Someone said it reminds them of the one that got a away.

I suggest if it involves me it will be the one I let go, even if I have to pull out my little Old Timer pocketknife and cut the cord.

Perhaps I am out of tune with the young folks of today, and if that is the case then I am glad. I suppose ear-piercing was OK, because the gals wore earrings anyway, but today they seem to have declared war on their body.

Sweeties of today not only have the fish hooks in their nose and lips, they also have additions in other places not mentionable here. They also have tattoos from ankle to shoulder.

Sailors in my day were the only ones sporting those things, and in most cases it was probably peer pressure while drunk. Guys, particularly sports figures, sport the body decorations, too.

I can deal with that, but when the ladies get into the act and do all these things to their body, it often jerks my chain.

There is nothing pretty or feminine about a permanent body decoration, better known as a tattoo. Sure, I agree with you ladies, it is your body and you can do with it as you wish. Just don’t expect any compliments from this dude.

Indeed, we live in a crazy, changing world where men are marrying men, and women marrying women.

In my way of thinking, something is wrong with this picture. It is setting an example that will produce changes even worse.

My idea of change is progress. If fish hooks in the nose and lips, tattoos covering the body, and folks of the same sex marrying one another is progress, I am glad I am an old man.

Somewhere along the line someone has dropped the ball.

We have homeless veterans dying in the streets. Our children, daughters and sons are targets of drug dealers, who are slapped on the wrists in the judicial process.

We have welfare that subsidizes promiscuity.

Our borders are flooded and trampled with illegal entry.

The fish in our creeks and rivers are stricken with body sores.

Yeah, times are a changin’ and I want no part of it.

Why not plant trees so dogs will have a place to do part of their business?

Bring us a change that is progressive, not regressive or so-called freedom of expression. Freedom has a price tag, and it is called responsibility.

Your turn, and I will always respect your right to be wrong.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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