Cats want attention, but only when they want it


I am a cat lover and proud of it.

How can anyone not love or be intrigued by these felines?

I can sit on my deck and watch a kitten play and grow and it is much better than anything television offers.

It is even better if mama cat is directing the show. They are unbelievable teachers and there is absolutely no nonsense going on in class.

I absolutely love the often rascal, independent streak all cats have.

My current furry little girl is 12 years old. I found her sitting on my brother’s chest one Sunday morning some years ago. He had died overnight due to a massive heart attack.

The little kitten was crying.

I immediately picked it up, and said, “It’s ok, little baby, I know where you are going.”

She has let me live with her since that dreadful day.

The vet estimated she was about eight weeks old.

We have had quite a few issues while I was going through training, but I finally finished with honors, I guess.

It was a long and often tedious process, because along the way she blamed me for pulling down curtains, destroying several sets of window blinds and scratching everything in the house except the scratch pad she provided for me.

Now, after a dozen years, she still bites me and often it draws blood if I have obviously done something to jerk her chain.

I never know what nit is that sets her off, but have learned to move in a hurry when she opens that mouth, teeth showing. Kitty, whose real name is Annie, always walks away in one of those nonchalant, I don’t care strolls after she bites me.

Darned cat!

Wonder how she would like a bath in the river after she figures out how to get out of that burlap sack?

We do have out “come to Jesus” sessions, but Miss Kitty is one heck of a negotiator. Her position is always clear — my way or the highway.

Rascal bit me the other night as she was cuddled up in the lap. I had done absolutely nothing. It took forever to stop the bleeding.

All the response I got from kitty was she jumped down, went to her food bowl and had a little snack.

A little later, the hussy came over to me as I lay dozing on the couch, reached up to slap me — a reminder to turn off the television.

Cats are like a lot of lady folks I have known in my life — they want attention, but only when they want it.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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