All hail fried chicken


We Southerners fry just about everything, so I guess that is why we are a little fat and purdy.

If you live as long as this ol’ dude has, and it ain’t killed you yet, then don’t worry about it.

Keep on chomping down on that sizzle from the kitchen.

“Something’s gotta kill you” is not just a statement, but merely the way we look at it in the South.

The only thing we don’t fry is ice cream, and surely one day someone will come up with that.

Everyone has a favorite fried dish and it covers a lot of ground.

The chicken, yes, that lowly yard buzzard, is actually a near sacred critter in the South.

It has sat proudly with its golden glow in a large bowl on thousands of country kitchen tables throughout the South.

It is good right out of the frying pan or even cold.

It goes further than that. The fried chicken has for generations been the featured attraction at fall church homecomings, family reunions and community fundraisers.

The official state bird for North Carolina is the Cardinal.

But, what about an official state fowl? What is wrong with that?

The chicken is my choice.

The first way to get something like that done is ask your local town commissioners and county commissioners to endorse it, and then let them ask our state lawmakers to take some action.

A petition with signatures asking for such action would not hurt when asking local elected officials to ask for some state recognition for the poor chicken.

The chicken is due some recognition.

It has been the featured staple in the South for so long and fixed by those who know what they are doing it provides a variety of ways to decorate the table.

Fried, in pastry, chicken salad, barbecued, baked or boiled.

Some folks might argue that the guinea is better in pastry, but I contend the two are not even in the same league.

It is just not as versatile.

We have all heard of a chicken pickin’, but never a guinea pickin’.

How about it Steve, Dennis, Harlie, Vicky, Barbara and Mayor? What do y’all think?

Surely, all have feasted on this fine-feathered fixture of the Southern kitchen.
Shucks, Mount Olive even has an ordinance allowing chickens in town.

We are all friends, so why not get a little due credit for the chicken?

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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