A vibrant season is coming


Fall is here, but summer-like weather refuses to leave.

I’m ready for some cooler temps.

The one thing I like most about autumn is the leaves.

You don’t see a lot of color change in eastern North Carolina.

The mountains, however, are definitely Mother Nature’s coloring book.

Vibrant hues pop out when the temperature changes and create picturesque scenes that appear as if they were painted with a brush. It’s hard to stay focused on the winding roads through the hills and valleys when your eyes want to wander while you drive.

It’s been a long time since I ventured west.

I have a feeling that if I did visit the mountains again, I’d probably move.

There are other reasons I love fall.

Mom and I always went to the fall festival in Macclesfield.

She could barely walk around to look at the different booths and decorations without getting stopped by someone who knew her. Of course, when you live in a small town, everybody knows everybody.

On occasion, I’d sneak off to find a cool, shady spot and sit a spell while she gabbed away with her friends. And like mom, I’d wind up seeing someone I knew and catch up on old times, too.

We’d end up spending longer at the festival than we intended.

I didn’t mind.

Honestly, I don’t think mom did, either.

We enjoyed each other’s company and always had lively chats on the way home about who and what we’d seen.

I’ve never been one to put up fall decorations, either inside or outside my house. I get plenty of satisfaction seeing leaves fall and weeds wilt away as the temperatures steadily cool.

Who can hardly wait for that first morning frost?

While I love pumpkin pie with a side of vanilla ice cream, I have no desire for pumpkin spice — whether it’s a latte, candle, air freshener or sprayed on pine cones. The scent drives my sinuses bananas and sometimes clogs my nose.

I inherited that from my dad.

Thanks, Pops.

Still, fall is an awesome season.

It gets us ready for the holidays and reminds us a new year is on the horizon. We don our jackets, slightly shiver in the cold temps and understand that Old Man Winter is approaching.

It’s a cycle that never ends.

I’m thankful to experience it.

Rudy Coggins is assistant editor of the Mount Olive Tribune. Reach him at rcoggins@mountolivetribune.com.


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