A sure sign fall is on the way


Among the first clear signs that fall is on the way is when farmers have begun to cut their corn fields and dove season arrives.

Corn crops are already being cut around here, and the fields are getting a new look, and dove season traditionally opens the first Saturday in September.

Summer is fading and leaving only newly made memories. Fall, my old friend, is surely preparing to raise the curtain to show off her array of new and brilliant colors.

Officially, autumn begins on Sept. 23.

Everyone loves the relief the cooler weather brings.

It has been that traditionally long, hot summer we Southerners like to brag about when we sit on the porch at sundown with a glass of iced tea or something.

Ain’t y’all glad?

High school and college football is already underway and pre-season pro games have been here for several weeks.

Soon the season will bring the smell of burning leaves and the late afternoon firing up of the gas and charcoal grills.

“I like mine medium, please.”

“My dog doesn’t care as long as she gets one.”

Already there have been long sleeve mornings and the sun is showing up a little later each day and leaving a little earlier.

Labor Day is behind us and that traditionally officially closes the beaches for the approaching seasons.

This time of year hurricanes and tropical storm issues begin to dominate weather newscasts.

Time is approaching to check out heating systems and get out the long underwear.

Coastal fishing is beginning to stir as waters will soon begin to cool down.

County fairs are right around the corner. Here in Wayne County it is Sept. 26 through Oct. 5.

It is also getting time to winterize your vehicle.

What a welcome change we are preparing to get into.

Everyone has heard it, “Lord, have mercy, I’ll be glad when cold weather gets here!”

Folks, the colder it gets the better I like it. Bring it on. Bring it on.

My fishing days are over, but fall always brought good fresh water fishing for crappie as they began to move into deeper water.

Aside from the largemouth bass, the crappie is the most beautiful of freshwater fish. I have kissed dozens and dozens of them.

I recall catching an 8.5 pound bass one time and folks said I should have it mounted. I did.

A few years later someone broke into my house and the only thing they stole was my prized mounted bass.

That’s lower than whale droppings.

The only thing wrong with the approach of the fall season is that the process is a little too slow.

Welcome, my old friend.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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