A few thoughts to end the week


Here are a few thoughts to end the week.

I am sure you have noticed resurfacing work along Breazeale Avenue has begun, and may be completed by the time this is in print. A big thank you is certainly in order to the district office of the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Repairing potholes was long overdue, and the white lines separating travel lanes had faded long ago. It was almost impossible to safely ride in a lane where no markings were visible, particularly at night.

It is a speedway zone anyway and few abide to the 35-mph limit.

A few years back the town implemented a new collection of bad-debts system with the state, jacked up the cost of deposit of water service and wrote off approximately $70,000 in past due water accounts.

Officials just last week wrote off another water debt service of $37,000. Most of that bad debt was from accounts of deceased people. It is a little difficult to collect in that type of situation.

The issue is, the system allows the town to collect a bad debt from anyone who owes them if that person ever gets a state tax refund or wins a lottery. The state would take the debt out before writing a tax return check or paying off a lottery. It is apparent the new system works well.

I watch with interest and extend a thanks out to the current Mount Olive Town Board of Commissioners and Mayor Joe Scott for the housing project effort underway here. A Jacksonville developer hopes to build a 72-unit complex just north of town, and officials have gone out of their way to welcome the effort.

The developer is now waiting on the outcome of a loan from the state to move forward with the project.

While Mount Olive has many needs, providing affordable housing is certainly at the top of them. No community could grow if there is nowhere for people to live.

I recall Mayor Joe Scott campaigned two years ago with providing housing at the top of his platform. He has worked to fulfill that promise and the five members of the town board have made it clear they, too, are supportive. That has certainly not been the case in the past 20 years.

Some weeks ago this column focused on trying to find the best hot dog around.

Ruth Worrell Lee, a friend, who retired from the Tribune some years ago, responded and told me it is right under your nose.

The convenience mart directly across the street from Southern Bank on Breazeale Avenue has a good’n, she said.

I agree.

No, I am not on their payroll, but love a good hot dog. If there is a better one in town or around in the area, let me know.

I know what a good one is, so don’t play any games with me. Remember, this is an opinion piece and my right. Also, food has to look good, taste good and smell good.


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