A day to remember


We older folks, who like cold weather, still like to stay warm as much as anyone.

Now that cold weather is slowly creeping in and beginning to act like winter, it is also time for some to get out the “long johns.”

Someone the other night said they had been looking around the house for several weeks trying to find their long drawers.

It went further and got pretty interesting.

He called it looking for a prize and went into interesting details describing it all.

“Been looking (for) them things a couple of weeks now, and still no hint as to where they are,” he exclaimed.

They were special to him as they had been a Christmas present many years ago.

They were the red flannel ones with the trap door and are hard to find these days.

Then again, they may not make them any more.

Folks, today, don’t even wear them as they are not actually needed with today’s heating systems.

Today, it is touch and switch and sit down. The heat comes near instantly.

What an advancement we have seen in our heating systems over the years.

Usually, the conveniences of today’s world that fall in the category of progress may be just that, but others pay the price years later.

Keeping warm today by sitting anywhere in the house is a great improvement over sitting on a toilet in an outhouse in the cold of the winter.

It is a great improvement over snuggling up to a sibling in a cold room under a mound of quilts.

It is a great improvement to awake in a warm room and not share the only heated room in a two story house with siblings all dressing at the same time dressing for school.

How in the world did the generations before us make it in the cold of winter and the heat of the summer?

They were Americans who have always endured and not complained about it.

They were Americans who produced inventors who invented things that made life a little easier.

Remember those who endured and suffered as we approach Veteran’s Day.

It is more than a day to celebrate.

It is a day to remember those who were before us.

Although our nation currently sails in some stormy waters, we are still Americans and it will take a stronger force than history has shown to change that.

Veteran’s Day 2021 is a day to remember.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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